Commercial PEST CONTROL & EXTERMINATION SERVICES IN Queen Creek, AZ and the entire valley of Arizona

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Certified Technicians

Our technicians are fully trained experts in pest control and extermination related to commercial properties. Our experts use only safe products for your business and are approved by the AZDA.

Flexible Scheduling

We know your time is valuable. We are available for early morning or late evening appointments. We work with you to quickly get your commercial space back to 100% pest-free condition and without inconvenience.

HOA Communities

We specialize in HOA pest control. We have the experience and knowledge to effectively deal with a pest infestation in any community or home association.

Commercial Pest Control Services

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We deliver commercial pest control treatments because we care about your business.  We serve a wide range of commercial clients from government buildings, construction sites, retail, restaurants, bars, warehouses, supermarkets, office buildings, healthcare facilities, doctor/dental offices, health clubs, etc.

Our commercial service includes general pest control solutions in and around the building's premises, such as rodent control, fly baiting, mosquito fogging, and termite control. Our team can provide regular treatments or as a needed basis. This results in a pest-free environment for you and your customers, employees, tenants, etc.

Once we get on location, we will proceed with a thorough inspection and infestation analysis. We can then recommend and implement the best pest control services for your business needs, and we will also suggest preventative measures to stop any future infestations.

We deliver guaranteed results because we know the stakes are high, and your business cannot afford any disruptions. We go out of our way to ensure that your commercial property is 100% free from pests, termites, rodents, cockroaches, or any other critters!

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One time commercial
Pest Control Services

We can provide you with a single treatment that will help control and prevent pests invasion. Our technicians eliminate current outbreaks while also preventing future infestations by strategically placing pesticides, baits, and traps in places where a pest infestation is more likely to reside. We also seal all access using materials that rodents cannot chew through or penetrate so you can be sure they won’t get back inside.

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A certification from Arizona Department of Agriculture.

We offer a 29-day guarantee on residential pest control and up to 5-year warranties on Termite treatments.

Pest Control & Exterminator Services

We specialize in
HOA pest controL

We have the experience and knowledge to effectively deal with a pest infestation in any community or home association in the Phoenix Valley. Our exterminator services are set to a higher quality standard and are more personalized to each of our communities than any of our many competitors.

We can do pest and termite control services, including web knockdown, wall dusting, blacklight hunting, gopher control, bee/wasp control, fly baiting, rat/ mice monitoring stations, and mosquito fogging.

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Are gophers tearing up your yard
and destroying your plants?

Ants to Gophers
We treat them all

Once of the worst enemies of any gardener (and even home owner) are gophers. They can completely tear up an entire yard and garden if not stopped immediately with the proper control measures. Other methods used by some companies are ineffective because they use poison bait which must be consumed entirely to be effective making it more likely that your pets or children might eat it or that non-targeted animals might dig into the burrow after it.

Whether it's Gophers, Moles or Ground Squirrels we can eliminate them all with Pressurized Exhaust.

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"Steve is super knowledgeable when it comes to this field. I have used him many times for inspections and preventative maintenance. He is always on time, answers my questions and concerns quickly and is super professional. Would recommend him to anyone who asks"
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"Steve handles our business Pest Control as well as my personal home. He is professional and very responsive to any questions. Highly recommended!"
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